Jennard Cheese is a family owned and run cheese company located in Exeter, Ontario.   We are happy and excited to help you raise funds for your organization through the  sales of delicious cheeses and other products that go well with cheese.

You will find that we have a well structured fundraising program that is designed  to make your job as the “Head Cheese” as easy as possible while maximizing your  fundraising profits.

What We Provide

Free, easy to use order forms and colour brochures that detail the products available.

Online customized ordering to make it easier for you to place and track orders.

Payment can be made online using a credit card or PayPal or COD.

Orders can be shipped to you or you can pick it up. Shipping will be free on orders over $1000 and shipping charges on smaller orders will depend on the size of your order and your distance away from us.

Why Fundraise with Us?

Everyone loves cheese! And we have a large selection that it sure to please everyone!

You will earn 30% of the total sales for your organization. There are no start up costs or fees.

Your customers are going to buy cheese anyways, why would they not want to help out a local organization instead of helping a large grocery chain?

We ensure the best quality of cheese in our program. If you compare the ingredient list with what you find in your supermarket cheeses, you will see that almost all of our cheeses are made from 100% milk (some of our specialty cheeses contain herbs, fruit, etc). It adds a little to the cost but adds a lot to the taste!

Our program makes fundraising simple: no bake sales or car washes!

Our cheeses are so good, they pretty much sell themselves!

So How Simple is it Really?

Fill out the form below or call 519-235-3062. We'll contact you to determine when and how often you would like to use our program. Let us know how many "sellers" you have and we'll send out order forms and brochures. We'll email you a link to set up your account.

Have your "sellers" go out with their marketing materials to family, friends, neighbors, and local businesses. They collect the orders and we recommend they also collect payment at this time since that will make it easier for you later.

On your final sale date, collect the orders and tabulate them. Go to this website, log into your account and place your order. You can select your method of secure payment (CC, PayPal, COD) and enter any other information needed.

Receive your delivery on the pre-scheduled delivery day, check your order, and distribute the items to your sellers for delivery (if you have already collected money at the beginning, you won't have to chase anyone for anything).

Two Types of Fundraising Programs

What better way to fundraise than to offer products that we already purchase. With increasing costs and a vast array of fundraisers, it is hard to find something that sells itself. We believe that this fundraiser does just that. That is why we offer two types of fundraising programs.

One Time Program

This easy-to-use program offers you a hassle free approach to fundraising by providing you everything you need: full colour brochures of the products, campaign order/selling forms, a master order form and full instructions.

Highlights of the program include:

  • You will keep 30% of your total sales for your organization.
  • We offer you a wide selection of cheese products (in various flavours and sizes) as well as eight gift boxes and other "sweets and treats" to sell to your customers.
  • Minimum order of $1,000 for free shipping.
  • This program is commonly done between November and December, but can also be done anytime throughout the year.

Recurring Program

You design the program so it best suits your organization. You choose how often (monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly) you would like to sell them. This is a great way for schools, churches, and clubs to earn extra money on a regular basis. You will keep 30% of the money collected for the products sold.

We offer a variety of products for your fundraising project: Cheddars, Mozzarellas, Parmesan, Goudas, Swiss, curds, Goat Cheeses, Specialty Cheeses. We also offer some European products such as Mentos, peppermints, soup mixes, Nasi Goreng, Stroop Waffles, and honey cake to name a few. All delivered directly to your school, church, or organization regularly.

Simply send out the order forms to your customers, collect a master order, and send it to us. We will have the product delivered directly to your school, church, or organization on your scheduled delivery date; you sort through the order and off it goes to the buyers. It's that simple!

Contact Us to Get Started

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